These are the sargassum-free beaches in Yucatán for this weekend

From Progreso to Telchac, sargassum seaweed has been reported, while in the Eastern zone of Yucatán, very few algae have been washing ashore so far, which means the beaches are clean, and the waters are ideal for spending a weekend with family.

The port of El Cuyo, one of the most visited sites by tourists, doesn’t have as much presence of seaweed compared to the ports located on the North Coast, where the algae have covered the beach shore.

In this area, the ports of San Felipe, Las Coloradas, Cancunito, and Ría Lagartos are currently free of sargassum, as this phenomenon has not yet started affecting this coast.

In El Cuyo, the municipal commissioner, Neydy Yolanda Puc Gil, revealed that there is very little amount of seaweed reaching the beach shore up to today. However, in August of last year, during the summer vacation period, there was the presence of seaweed vegetation, although not in large quantities that affected tourism.

According to the fishermen, perhaps the marine currents are favoring this area, just as the red tide did not affect it at the time.

TYT Newsroom

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