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The “art of kicking the wall” and other tips to alleviate the heat in Yucatán

by Magali Alvarez
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In recent days, temperatures of up to 45 degrees have been recorded in the Yucatan Peninsula, due to a new heat wave that will envelop the state with extreme temperatures, putting the lives of people and animals at risk, one of the consequences of these days are heat stroke, which is an increase in body temperature, from 40 degrees, which can endanger some of the vital functions of the body.

Among the symptoms of heat stroke are: headache, excessive sweating or sensation of extreme tiredness, agitation, nausea, accelerated breathing and among the recommendations is to avoid exercise or intense outdoor activity between 11:00 and 15:00 hours.

However, Yucatecans have the best remedies to survive heat stroke and have made it a habit over the years, which is why they say that Yucatecans have adapted well to the infernal temperatures that lash all the municipalities of the state.

  • Sleeping in a hammock: This is a very necessary tip for surviving the heat, since the holes in the hammock allow air to enter from all sides and keep you cool.
  • “Kick the wall” while laying in your hammock: As a complement to the previous point, there is no Yucatecan who can resist the art of kicking the hammock, it certainly helps a lot to keep you from sweating.
  • Putting the hammock in the freezer or in the water: Although it is not very credible, many people see it as normal to put the hammock in the freezer to keep it cold and to alleviate the heat, even when wet, but don’t lie down in the sun or the moms will scold you because you could get sick.
  • Fans all day long: Whether ceiling or floor fans are a good option to cool off.
  • Cool off: If the heat is unbearable in the evenings and nights inside the house, it is very easy and common to go out and sit with a hand fan to chat with the neighbors and watch the kids play.
  • Bathing with a hose: Although it is used in many places, in the municipalities in the interior of the state you will always see children and adults enjoying the water with the hose.

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