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The area affected by marine erosion on the Yucatán coast is expanding

by Magali Alvarez
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The sea has already covered up a large part of the eastern coast of the port, and the marine erosion that goes from 56th Street to two corners of the traditional boardwalk has extended to the area of the former Jacalón ejidal beach resort in the Benito Juárez neighborhood and has already reached and even overtaken the Cocoteros Club.

Erosion continues to advance unstoppably, it has already covered stretches of Chicxulub Puerto beach, the waves are lashing the foundations and breakwaters of the summer estates, and the coastal dunes that protected the summer residences are succumbing to the constant impact of the tidal waves.

This is the coastal panorama before the approaching summer vacation season, less beach in the area from the east of the traditional boardwalk to Chicxulub Puerto, where at least five kilometers are affected by marine erosion, according to a tour along the coasts of this port.

In the area of the former ejidal beach resort “Jacalón” and the Cocoteros exclub, there is no longer a beach, the sea has “eaten” it, commented foreign residents who since last year have rented summer houses in that part of the municipality, so they can no longer walk as they used to do, walking to the boardwalk, now there is zero activity.

Fishermen also affected by erosion

The fishermen are also affected by the erosion, they no longer have space to raise their boats, which worries them now that the octopus season is approaching, which begins on August 1, the boats will be able to anchor them, but not to raise them to the beach to supply them and unload the product.

“But in case a tropical storm or cyclone hits, we are going to have a hard time because there is no beach to take the boats out, erosion is already a serious problem that affects many people, homeowners, tourism and fishermen”, said Héctor Manzano.

Marine erosion had only affected the area of Pluma y Lápiz to the east of the boardwalk, as well as the east and west sides of the Chicxulub Puerto dock, but in the last six months the sea’s advance has intensified and has already extended along some five kilometers of the coastal strip that runs from Progreso to Chicxulub, where numerous summer estates and condominiums are located and are occupied during the vacation period.

Efforts to stop erosion have been in vain, geotubes, sand bags and spurs have been placed, but to date nothing works, in a period of six months the sea has already eaten more than 20 meters of beach and puts at risk the summer houses where their owners have seen how the coastal dune disappears.

In contrast, the western beach has ample beach space along four kilometers from 84th Street to the facilities of the Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos del Mar (Cetmar) near where the two departmental towers of Yucalpetén are being built. The sea is not advancing on this coastal strip in the western part of the port.

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