Terror in the air: Engine shuts down mid-flight to Mérida!

The crew of Aeromexico flight 837, which took off at 18:13 hours destined for Mexico City, returned to the Mérida International Airport after one of its engines shut down while flying over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the report, following protocols, the aircraft captain decided to return to the departure point, even though the aircraft is capable of flying with a single engine. However, for safety reasons, they followed the regulations.

Due to the emergency notice, the safety protocol was implemented by the personnel of the Rescue and Firefighting Corps. Fortunately, the aircraft was able to land without any issues. However, it was escorted to the central platform of the airport terminal.

The affected passengers were transferred to the night flights, and the aircraft remained in Merida for inspection and repair.

TYT Newsroom