Strengthening mental health care for Children in the Yucatan

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, June 1, 2023.- The City Hall maintains a commitment to mental health through strategies that include prevention programs, orientation and attention to the families of the Municipality, with the objective of creating awareness about the importance of early childhood development in environments where healthy coexistence prevails, assured Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

The Municipal President informed that one of the topics that are strengthened with these strategies is emotional intelligence, understood as the ability to manage our emotions in ways that reduce stress, allow us to communicate effectively, empathize with other people and reduce the presence of conflicts.

Therefore, he explained that this skill is basic to establish healthy relationships within families, at school and at work, in addition to allowing us to work on our areas of opportunity and strengths with a positive vision and with the purpose of improving as individuals.

“One of the topics that the Merida City Hall promotes is the care of mental health, because it is an essential component to promote the well-being of families, therefore, we develop strategies and actions focused on early childhood care, so that they have the necessary tools to face and solve, with emotional intelligence, the challenges they face in adolescence and their adult life,” he said.

She recalled that in order to strengthen these competencies among students, professionals and people responsible for the upbringing and education of children in the municipality, DIF Merida held the Second Conference “Protecting Mental Health in Children” from May 23rd to 25th.

The director of DIF Merida, Silvia Sarti Gonzalez, explained that the agency under her charge works in coordination with civil institutions and specialists in mental health, to implement activities on a regular basis that significantly transform the vision of childhood.

“One of the Mayor’s indications is to work for the integral wellbeing of the citizens and, in this case, attending to the issue of early childhood is vital because at this stage the foundations for the cognitive, emotional and social development of the human being are established,” she commented.

She pointed out that the program of activities of the Mental Health Day included the following presentations: “Schemes of childhood and mental health”, given by the teacher Aarón Martínez Soto; “Recommendations to stimulate executive functions in childhood”, by the psychologist Zendy Prado Garibay; “Prevention guided to first aid in childhood”, given by the instructor Lizbeth Sánchez Ornelas; “How to overcome feeding problems in childhood”, given by the nutritionist Karely Torres Duarte. in Nutrition Karely Torres Duarte and “Impact of sensory integration in the life of the child”, given by psychologist Sunny Hidalgo, specialist in neurodevelopment.

Finally, Sarti González mentioned that in order to make the work carried out by the City Council in the area of mental health more comprehensive, the CENDIS currently provide services focused on the promotion of integral development and assistance, with psycho-emotional orientation, pedagogical, nutritional, health, timely and early stimulation attention, aimed at daughters and sons of the Municipality.

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