Seven months after the fire, the Teatro Peón Contreras comes back to life with the opening of art galleries

Photo: Instagram @teatropeoncontreras

Amidst the restoration work at the José Peón Contreras Theater, two of its galleries, managed by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta), are already open. One of them is accessible to the public for an exhibition by Louis Carreón, and the other is set to inaugurate on June 5th: “War and Peace.”

Currently, the restoration work is being carried out behind closed doors in “the Cathedral of Art in the State” with the aim of reopening it as soon as possible after the fire that occurred in November 2022. According to the INAH Yucatán Center, specialists are restoring the original features of the ground floor of the building, which has facilitated the timely opening of exhibition spaces.

So far, the specific and most important tasks include the recovery project of historical and artistic elements that are part of the cultural heritage, such as the mural in the French Neoclassical style called “The Muses,” created by the Italian painter Nicolás Alegretti.

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