Senior citizen falls from escalator at the Mérida Airport

An elderly passenger suffered a fall from an escalator while trying to ascend; however, she did not sustain serious injuries as she was able to stop the escalator in emergency mode and was attended to by an airport paramedic in Mérida.

On Monday, June 78-year-old Marciana C.C. was heading to the final waiting area to board her flight and depart to her destination when she had an accident that startled her.

According to witnesses, the woman was accompanied by her family members, who didn’t notice that there was an elevator next to the escalator.

As the woman was ascending the escalator and was just a few meters away, she lost her balance and fell. Her family members and security personnel reacted quickly, stopping the escalator in emergency mode to assist the affected woman.

Airport staff offered her a wheelchair, where she remained seated while waiting for the paramedic to conduct a quick check-up, as she shared that she didn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

A few minutes later, the only request from the affected woman was a bottle of water because she was startled. Subsequently, she left the area accompanied by her family members, who this time used the elevator located next to the escalator.

TYT Newsroom