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Renán reaffirms commitment to consolidating the development of Mérida

by Sofia Navarro
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Renán Barrera reaffirms his commitment to consolidating the tourism and gastronomic vocation of Mérida through projects and actions that will position the city as an attractive investment hub for the benefit of its citizens.

In this regard, as part of strengthening the economy and the tourism vocation of the Yucatan capital, the Municipality of Mérida is working on the construction of the new urban image of 47th Street, near Paseo de Montejo, and the future La Plancha Park, where progress is being made in a timely manner for the transformation of this area.

The Mayor explained that the installation of the stormwater systems for the Gastronomic Tourism Corridor on 47th Street has already begun. The Public Works personnel are placing gutters that will serve as a storm drainage system, capturing and channeling water to discharge wells into the groundwater.

He specified that 60 linear meters of gutters have been installed on both sides of the roadway surface in the section of 47th Street between 54th and 56th streets.

“In addition, in that same section, the telecommunications, natural gas, potable water, and electrical lines are already in their respective ducts, which has allowed the placement of the porphyry-type finished bricks and basaltex-type tiles that the Municipality will install as distinctive elements of the streets connecting the Gran Parque de la Plancha with the start of Paseo de Montejo’s final stretch,” he expressed.

He explained that in the stretch of 47th Street between 54th and 52nd streets, the works of removing the asphalt pavement have already been completed, the base has been prepared, 40 linear meters of micro-reinforced hydraulic concrete have been poured, the sidewalks have been prepared for pouring the concrete pavement, and the ducting works by a telecommunications company have been completed.

“Everything is progressing on time, so by next August, the people of Mérida, as well as national and foreign visitors, will be able to enjoy this new tourist attraction in the Historic Center, which will bring significant commercial development to the area,” he emphasized.

He recalled that as soon as the works of the Gastronomic Tourism Corridor are completed, the State government will begin the remodeling works on 60th Street, which will connect the Gran Parque de la Plancha with the Corridor of 47th Street at the beginning of the Santa Ana neighborhood.

Regarding the stretch of 47th Street between 52nd and 50th streets, he indicated that the works of removing the asphalt pavement have already begun in that area, so next week the telephone lines can be installed.

On 47th Street between 50th and 48th streets, work is underway on the new potable water network, and verification work is being carried out on the pressure and distribution of natural gas, following the completion of these tests in the section of 47th Street between 56th and 50th streets.

He also informed that the intersection of 47th Street and 56th Street will remain closed from 8:00 pm on Monday, June 19th, until Friday, June 23rd, due to the pouring of the roadway surface.

Finally, he mentioned that façade restoration works continue on at least 60 properties in the area, and simultaneously, underground services are being prepared for the residential buildings in the area.

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