Remodeling of the Lucas de Galvez market is progressing promptly: Renan Barrera

The mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha emphasized that the remodeling of the Lucas de Gálvez market is progressing in “time and form”, in order to have a dignified space that can be shown off and that offers advantages and comforts mainly for segments of the population such as senior citizens.

Barrera Concha considered that the project has not been easy, but equally they are modifications that are necessary.
“The works are going very well, in time and form, whenever we talk about a public work intervention, there is no more complex work to intervene than a market, because of what it represents, what it means, there are three thousand tenants, the organization, the logistics,” he said.

“We are on time so as not to affect sales and the customers themselves, we will soon be opening a new part of the market. We will give it for the first time a tourist touch, attractive, the markets as well as the Historical Centers, are the epicenters of the soul, of the cities, tourists and the Yucatecans themselves, who visit it frequently,” he added.
Barrera Concha recalled that market rehabilitation works have already been applied previously and now they will seek to focus on vulnerable sectors.
“We need a market that is increasingly dignified and can boast much of what we have in the region, we are improving the dining area, in my first administration it was my turn to remodel the meat area that was one of the most damaged, there is that historic subway parking lot that was a problem and we managed to repair it. Now, we are going to reestablish the entire dining area, we will put in an amphitheater, a band or escalator, the main problem of the elderly who cannot go up to the second floor due to lack of infrastructure, reactivation of the bathrooms, we want cultural shows so that there is life”, he indicated.

“It requires major surgery, these are fundamental projects that have to be done in an integral way, today what we are looking for is that what works we could make it more efficient and the second stage will have to do with the other markets, we have 13 in the city and 47 in the police stations. We have to evolve, a city is a living entity, it grows, we need more and better infrastructure”, he concluded.

TYT Newsroom