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Rain in Yucatán would give a ‘respite’ during heatwave

by Sofia Navarro
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Due to the third heatwave with hot to extremely hot weather conditions in Mexico, there are climatological repercussions in the Yucatán Peninsula and 21 other states in the country.

In the case of Yucatán, the heat is expected to continue throughout this week. However, rain and isolated showers are forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday in some areas of the region, which would bring relief from the high temperatures.

According to the national weather report, an extensive high-pressure system will bring these rains to the Yucatán Peninsula, resulting from the influx of tropical maritime air. However, this does not exempt the unbearable sensation of “sweltering heat” at least for this week.

Due to this sprinkle of rain from the sky, maximum temperatures in the interior of Yucatán will reach between 36°C and 44°C, and the minimums on Wednesday morning will range between 22°C and 25°C. Winds will be light to moderate from the southeast at speeds of 10 to 35 km/h.

Meanwhile, the forecast for the city of Mérida predicts clear skies, and the maximum temperature will reach 42°C, so the environment will continue to be hot, and in the event of rain, it will also bring muggy conditions.

At the same time, the atypical extreme heat will continue this week due to the influence of an anticyclonic circulation, but isolated showers and thunderstorms are not ruled out due to excessive heating and the influx of moisture, which would reduce the intensity of the heat.

In the face of these inevitable temperature discomforts, residents of communities, subdivisions, and neighborhoods in Mérida are the ones suffering from the lack of electricity supplied by the Federal Electricity Commission.

As a result, they have taken to the streets to demand that the authorities restore the electrical power since, in the presence of intense heat, fans or air conditioners are not an option for them.

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