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Quintana Roo: State police officers beaten with “wood boards” by alleged hired assassins

by Magali Alvarez
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A disturbing incident of violence occurred in Quintana Roo, Mexico, when two state police officers were subdued, threatened and beaten with wooden planks by alleged hitmen. The officers were carrying out surveillance work near Chetumal when they were intercepted and surrounded by a group of armed men.

According to the police report, the patrol cars with license plate numbers 12257, 12069, 12229 and 102072 were unaccounted for at approximately 18:55 hours on June 4. Subsequently, it was unofficially reported that two members of the State Preventive Police had been deprived of their freedom, threatened with death and beaten in the community of Sabidos, on the banks of the Hondo River.

After being released, the assaulted officers reported the facts and were transferred to Chetumal to receive medical attention. According to reports, they are currently under investigation due to an alleged history of irregular performance.

This incident of violence is in addition to other worrying cases in Quintana Roo, such as the one that occurred on February 6, when members of criminal groups also deprived three police officers of their freedom, including the former director of the State Rural Police (PRE), who were also beaten with wooden boards.

Despite the seriousness of these events, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) has informed in an official communiqué that so far it has no reports of what happened, although it assures that the corresponding investigations are being carried out through the surveillance cameras of the units.

The “tablazos” are a form of punishment used by criminal groups, consisting of hitting the buttocks with a wooden board. They are often applied in retaliation for offenses considered “not so serious” by the criminal organization, thus avoiding the death penalty.

These acts of violence highlight the growing concern for security in Quintana Roo. It also adds to the demands for justice from relatives of missing persons, who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the results obtained by the authorities in the search for their loved ones. The lack of results and the increase in the number of disappearances in the region generate an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty among the community.

It is essential that the authorities intensify efforts to guarantee the safety of citizens and provide effective responses to cases of violence and disappearances. The community demands concrete actions and a forceful response from the authorities to restore peace and tranquility in Quintana Roo. It is necessary to reinforce security strategies, strengthen police forces and implement effective measures to combat crime and guarantee the protection of the population.

It is also essential to provide support and attention to the families of missing persons, who live in anguish and uncertainty because they have no news of their loved ones. The authorities must work closely with the search groups and provide the necessary resources to carry out thorough and effective investigations.

The situation in Quintana Roo requires a comprehensive and coordinated response at the local, state and federal levels. It is important to establish collaboration strategies between the different government agencies, strengthen intelligence mechanisms and promote citizen participation in the reporting of criminal activities.

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