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Pozole with coconut, the traditional Yucatan drink to fight the heat wave

by Magali Alvarez
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The Yucatecan pozole is known as the drink of the Maya, as it is a tradition of the ancestors because their diet was based on corn and since then it has become one of the favorite drinks to combat the high temperatures in Yucatan.

It is a tradition in the towns in the interior of the state for men to take their pozole to the milpas, as it is very refreshing when drunk cold, and the dough helps to calm hunger.

In the Peninsula there are two types of traditional pozole, the simple one and the one with sweet coconut. The simple pozole is just mixing the dough made of corn with water and is accompanied mostly with salt and a habanero chile.

How to make pozole with coconut?

The process of pozole with coconut from the beginning is not complicated, we can find the corn in the markets of the Yucatecan capital; first you must have white corn and put it in a pot with water and lime for the process of nixtamalization, this is a traditional process of preparation of corn in which the dry grains are cooked in firewood.

Once the water is boiling, after about half an hour, the corn must be removed to water it and remove the husk and lime, it is necessary to be aware of the process because it can be paid, then put back on the fire so that the corn is inflated for about 3 hours and finally you have the corn pozolero.

It is passed through the water one last time to try to cool it and it is necessary to drain it, because it is still stirred with pieces of coconut and it is necessary to have the corn as dry as possible.

When it is already stirred with the coconut, the next step is to grind it to have the mixture of the richest drink of Yucatan, to finish the preparation it is necessary to put it in a container with water, sugar and beat it well. To serve, add ice and it is ready to enjoy.

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