New Covid subvariant symptom alert: hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

The new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the cause of Covid-19, which this month have had a significant increase in the entity, in addition to the known symptoms, are now accompanied by hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, alerted Dr. David Canché Durán, master in public health.

“Although we are in the conjunctivitis season, these symptoms do not correspond to the classic form of this disease, but to the new subvariant (XBB.1.16 of Omicron) called Arcturus, which is currently predominant,” said the pediatric surgeon.

In an interview, he indicated that officially there are no cases in Mexico, “but we have observed, as well as other medical colleagues, that these are signs of this new subvariant, so it would already be in the State”.

He detailed that the symptoms of this subvariant, besides the affectation in the eyes, are: headache, throat and extremities; extreme tiredness and urinary tract infection.

“It affects the upper respiratory tract and has increased hospitalization and mortality rates worldwide. In the Americas we have it in New York and Honduras. Apparently there are no cases in Mexico, but what we have seen in the last few weeks coincides with this new subvariant,” he insisted.

“The dangerous thing is that we are already without masks and there is no vaccination. Consultations and infections, as well as hospitalizations, may increase in the next three weeks. We have a peak in this and we can see it in the emergency areas,” he warned.

Canché Durán called on the population to pay attention to the early management of respiratory conditions to avoid contagions at home and at work.

“There is some protection in adults, due to the vaccines they received, but most children do not and are at greater risk. In addition, tests come out negative in 60% of the cases, people are trusting and that is why the high frequency we have of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections these days,” he commented.

“People’s defenses have not yet fully recovered. We insist, we must reinforce sanitary measures, such as the use of masks and hand washing, as well as avoiding crowded places,” he concluded.

TYT Newsroom