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Mayor Renán Barrera promotes the care and preservation of wildlife in Mérida

by Sofia Navarro
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To ensure the well-being and health of each species that inhabits the zoos in Mérida, the City Council led by Renán Barrera Concha is implementing strategies to care for the animals during this period of high temperatures.

The Mayor stated that the Environmental Enrichment program is being implemented in the Centenario and Bicentenario Animaya zoos, with the aim of safeguarding the animals’ health and providing them with suitable spaces, thereby reducing stress factors.

“The work carried out by our technical team, composed of biologists and veterinarians, is crucial during the high-temperature season, as they are attentive to the animals’ needs. We also ensure that our species receive care in the spaces they move around every day, in addition to promoting their psychological and motor development,” he said.

He added that, as part of this program, frozen treats are prepared for the different species that inhabit the zoo.

“The treats come in different shapes, sizes, and contents depending on the animal they are intended for; they are made of meat or fruits, and the consistency is different from their daily diet to provide them with something unique,” he emphasized.

Depending on the needs of each species, changes are made to the routine, such as including fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and oranges in their diet, which are rich in vitamin C and are offered chilled and in attractive shapes to catch their attention.

He noted that these ice treats also include meat, blood, insects, ramon leaves, among other things, for the different species, which not only help them cope with the heat but also entertain them.

On the other hand, the Director of Municipal Public Services, José Collado Soberanis, pointed out that, specifically during this hot season, constant maintenance is also carried out in each area of the zoos.

“Our team in the park takes care of watering the different areas; we install palapas, awnings, and tarps. We also create spaces with more plants to provide shade for the animals; we increase the water level in ponds, lakes, and troughs,” he elaborated.

The official mentioned that these actions are ongoing, but during the hot season, they are reinforced to ensure animal welfare and prepare the zoos to receive visitors.

Furthermore, anticipating increased attendance at both zoos, Walter Rosado, biologist in charge of the Environmental Enrichment area, urged visitors to take care of the fauna that inhabits these spaces.

“We want to provide better care for everyone. But it is important not to increase the stress levels of the animals, so we invite you not to shout, not to hit the enclosures, and also not to feed them,” he emphasized.

The responsible person for the area reported that currently, the species at Centenario Zoo have experienced growth, as three births have been recorded this year: a ring-tailed lemur, a spider monkey, and a sacred baboon.

He recalled that this growth in the species is thanks to the exchanges and relationships that exist among different zoos in the country, and the ones in Mérida belong to the Mexican Association of Zoos, Breeders, and Aquariums (AZCAM).

Finally, the visiting hours for the Centenario Zoo and Animaya are from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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