Mayan Train: This will be the route from Palenque to the Mayan Riviera

Photo: Ecapadah

The Maya Train is a railway megaproject that will run through the Mexican southeast region and contemplates passing through some of the best travel destinations in the country, an important work that will take you to visit impressive destinations in states such as Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo, which in total adds up to a route of 1,554 kilometers of incredible landscapes that you will be able to access once the project is completed.

This train will have 21 stations and 14 stops from its first station to the last, which will be located in Cancun, reaching several regional communities in the different entities through which its tracks will pass. Each of these stations will be located in strategic places that will connect with the best points in each of these areas and today we will know how this route will be from Palenque to the Riviera Maya.

What will the Mayan Train’s route be like?

You will be able to get to know several local communities to have a better connection with the customs of its inhabitants and at the same time be able to obtain greater mobility throughout the peninsula, as well as an important tourist scope because it will pass through some of the best destinations such as the archaeological zone of Palenque, the Usumacinta Canyon, the Magical Towns of these entities, cenotes and much more.

From December 1, 2024, thousands of travelers and visitors from all over the world are expected to make use of its facilities to enjoy an unforgettable vacation among its luxury cars. The trip will begin in Palenque and will conclude its journey in the Riviera Maya, so each person will be able to make the trip with all the comforts to have a memorable rest.

The company in charge of the construction of these cars announced that the trains will reach an average speed of 160 kilometers per hour, while the freight cars will travel at 120 kilometers per hour. In order to get a better idea of the travel time between these points, the 1,554 kilometers of the entire route must be divided by the maximum speed at which the train will travel, which gives a total of approximately 9 hours and 43 minutes, not counting the time between stations and stops.

Therefore, it can be said that the journey that this new tourist transportation system will make from the beginning of its trip in Palenque to the last station located in Cancun will take 9 hours, a journey that promises to take you to the most spectacular sites of this region among which you will find beautiful protected natural areas, impressive archaeological remains to delve into the Mayan culture, luxury hotels, cenotes and many other attractions.

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