Marathon Marina 2023 gathers over two thousand athletes in Progreso

Kenyan Loskei Juluis Kibet and American Mary Adah Akor were crowned champions of the 32nd edition of the Marina Marathon, which saw a record participation of two thousand six hundred and eight runners.

African runner Loskei Juluis Kibet reclaimed the dominance for his country in this event, after Mexicans took first place in the last two editions. In fact, Cormeleo López, who was the champion in 2022, finished second.

“The heat was intense, but I came prepared to win. I set the pace from the beginning and left everyone behind, which I achieved halfway through the competition. I hope to come back next year,” he commented.

On the women’s side, American Mary Adah Akor was the queen, completing a double by winning both the Marina Marathon this Sunday and the Mérida Marathon in January.

In total, out of the two thousand six hundred and eight participants, 376 ran the full marathon distance of 42 kilometers and 195 meters; 1,298 participated in the half marathon, and 186 teams of five runners each completed the marathon distance. Participants came from 28 states in the country and some from abroad.

TYT Newsroom