IMSS Yucatan strengthens safety protocols in daycare centers

Photo: Quadratin

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, June 5, 2023.- The Mexican Institute of Social Security in Yucatan carried out a fire drill in its 24 daycare centers, with the aim of reinforcing safety and civil protection protocols to safeguard the safety of children and staff.

Likewise, as part of the fourteenth anniversary of the fire at the ABC Day Care Center, located in Hermosillo, Sonora, the flags of the 24 day care centers were raised, while its head, Dr. Alonso Juan Sansores Río, accompanied by the head of the Office of Occupational Health, Economic and Social Benefits, accountant Edel Ávila Aguilar, and members of the Governing Body, led a fire drill in the Ordinary Day Care Center G-0001, where he urged all personnel to “continue to constantly reinforce safety measures and to be very critical when identifying areas of opportunity that can be improved or corrected, for the benefit of the children,” he added.

Afterwards, Sansores Río made a supervisory visit to the daycare center, where she reviewed the facilities and verified the vaccination schedules of the minors, as well as the conditions of the building, with the objective of strengthening the safety mechanisms and proper functioning, to continue protecting the minors, promoting their healthy development in a safe environment and spaces, in charge of highly trained personnel.

IMSS Yucatan reaffirms its commitment to the safety of children, promoting and working for dignified and safe spaces.

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