Hurricane winds surprised residents of Izamal; trees were knocked down by unusual hail storm

Hurricane force winds accompanied by a heavy rain that only lasted approximately 20 minutes knocked down several trees in the Kimbilá police station, Izamal.

Today in the afternoon a sudden heavy rain accompanied by gusts of wind surprised this city and the Izamal police stations, causing trees to be blown down by the force of the phenomenon.

As if it were a hurricane, the winds lashed homes and trees were seen as they lay down and did not resist and gave way before this natural phenomenon.

In addition to the rain and strong winds, it was reported that hail was present in several parts of the town, and this strong phenomenon left several fallen trees and branches lying in the middle of the street, as well as several areas of the town without electricity.

For example, in the Kimbilá police station, on 14th street with 21st and 19th, a huge tamarind tree was left lying in the middle of the street after the force of the wind broke it from the trunk.

On 23rd and 22nd Street, a cedar tree was left lying on the fence of the land where its roots were left in the air.

This phenomenon only lasted approximately 20 minutes and then the sky cleared and everything returned to normal.

TYT Newsroom