MÉRIDA, Yucatan, June 8, 2023 – A total of 46 women from Merida successfully completed the Embroidering for Merida workshop, so they can now make their own handicrafts and generate income for their homes.

The Manos Mágicas runway was the ideal setting to show the designs they created thanks to the five embroidery techniques they learned throughout the year.

Accompanied by family members, special guests and authorities, the women saw their designs parade, which can now be exhibited in the store located in the north of the city, in Casa Consiente and also with their own neighbors.

Mrs. Lourdes Cen Chan thanked the City Hall for this program, which in her case, has allowed her to generate extra income to help with her household expenses.

During her speech, the president of. DIF Merida, Diana Castillo Laviada said that with Bordando por Merida the municipality seeks to help Merida women by providing them with tools to help them in their personal and economic improvement.

In addition, she said, once the course is over, they are linked with companies and places that allow them to sell their garments.

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