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Donations are requested to save the life of 6-year-old Natalia

by Sofia Navarro
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Natalia Santos, a 6-year-old girl, is in a delicate situation that requires specialized attention and a diagnosis that the doctors at the hospital where she is currently cannot provide.

The urgency to obtain the necessary help has forced Natalia and her family to embark on a journey to La Raza Hospital in Mexico City in search of medical solutions for a rare hepatitis that has caused her liver to collapse.

María José Leal, the mother of the child, explained that every day is a battle for Natalia’s life, and her fight depends on receiving proper medical care and an accurate diagnosis.

Aware of this need, her family has requested the help and support of the community to overcome this complicated situation through financial donations.

The generosity and solidarity of people can make a huge difference in the life of this 6-year-old girl. Every donation, no matter how small, will become “a ray of hope for Natalia, giving her the opportunity to live a full life filled with smiles.”

Under the name “Hugs and Solidarity for Natalia,” a call has been made through social media to join this noble cause and make a significant contribution to the life of the child. Love and generosity will be crucial factors in this difficult situation.

María José describes her daughter as a cheerful and enthusiastic girl who loves drawing, painting, dancing, and hugs. However, her health has rapidly deteriorated due to an “undetermined acute hepatitis.”

The need to stay indefinitely in Mexico City increases the uncertainty, as María José has no relatives or friends in the capital, adding accommodation costs to the expenses of transportation and future medical treatments.

For those willing to provide support to Natalia, she provided the bank account number 4152 3139 0177 8840 from BBVA Bancomer bank, which is registered in her name. She also provided the contact numbers 9992270099 or 9991018279.

Finally, she specified that Natalia left her home on Thursday aboard an ambulance headed to the Mérida Airport, where they would take a flight to the capital of the country, where she would be admitted to the mentioned hospital upon arrival.

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