“China expressed support for Putin after the rebellion”, says the Kremlin

The vice chancellors of both countries had a meeting in the Chinese capital. Beijing has not publicly commented on the armed uprising by Wagner.

Russia stated on Sunday that China expressed its “support” for the efforts of leader Vladimir Putin to “stabilize the situation” following the rebellion of the paramilitary group Wagner, which shook the Kremlin. This statement came after a meeting between deputy foreign ministers in Beijing. However, China offered a slightly different version of what occurred at the meeting.

During a meeting on Sunday in Beijing between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko and Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu, “the Chinese side expressed its support for the efforts of the leaders of the Russian Federation to stabilize the situation in the country regarding the events of June 24,” which were marked by the insurrection of the Wagner group, stated the Russian diplomacy in a press release.

Additionally, Beijing expressed its interest in “strengthening the unity and prosperity of Russia,” the statement added. However, the Chinese side provided the press with a text stating that the meeting between the two deputy ministers served to “exchange views” on bilateral relations and “international and regional issues of common interest.”

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