Cab drivers urged not to use illegal cab platforms

MERIDA, Yucatan, June 1, 2023. Regarding the press release issued by the Instituto de Movilidad y Desarrollo Urbano Territorial (IMDUT) about digital mobility platforms that operate in the city illegally, highlighting the very popular In Drive, a driver of this platform confirms that they do work illegally.

A driver stated that, in terms of safety, the passenger is never in danger, since they can follow their route through the application, in addition to the fact that the platform shows the data of the person making the trip.

In this sense, the statement published by the IMDUT on its social networks makes a call to avoid the use of platforms not registered with them, mentioning In Drive specifically, since they operate without having the minimum safety standards required by the State Government.

“This raises the level of exposure of drivers and passengers,” reads the statement from the agency.

Similarly, they indicate not to take trips outside the platforms because they cannot be tracked and monitored, which poses a risk to passengers, in addition to ensuring that the data of the trip, vehicle, driver, and passenger match exactly with those shown in the application.

TYT Newsroom