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Associations join in the defense of Yucatan’s cenotes against pig farms

by Magali Alvarez
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Regarding the definitive suspension of projects that damage the cenotes of Yucatán, which include pig farms and real estate activities, as well as other invasive and polluting businesses announced by the Guardians of the Cenotes collective, Pedro Quijano Uc, leader of the Frente Campesino en Defensa de la Tierra y la Vida, pointed out that there is still a long way to go to prevent the imposition of mega-projects that affect the environment and the Maya territory.

However, he commented that it is a reminder that the people united can defeat large companies.


Quijano Uc pointed out that this resolution responds to the resistance and mobilization made by the different associations and organizations, as well as the ejidatarios and citizens directly affected, he affirmed that civil society is raising its voice and responding sensitively to the causes that defend water, land, environment and life.

“The progress we are seeing is the result of all the actions that are being carried out, because everyone already realized that the mega-farms and those types of projects are affecting life, that is why we have to continue closing ranks,” he assured.

He emphasized that this is not a victory, but a great achievement where the planet earth is winning, and although the businessmen still have a lot of participation and feel they are winners, they will continue to fight.

“With this small sample, which modestly gives the Yucatecan people, it seems to us that it is a great starting point to weave a better organized resistance, with a national resonance and of course with an international resonance, in which we have even been joined by French, Italians, Spaniards who support our struggle against these companies that only poison the people and destroy the ecosystem, and they have expressed to us that the struggle of Yucatan is an exemplary struggle,” he stressed.

Likewise, he commented that there are many actions still to be carried out and that firm progress is being made against the farms; likewise, the activist pointed out that all the municipalities that are being affected by this situation or by other companies must raise their voices, and he assured that the people united can move mountains and put an end to bad actions.

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