Activists march against animal cruelty in Merida

To commemorate International Animal Rights Day, dozens of activists today held a peaceful demonstration as a symbol of mourning, observing a minute of silence for deceased animals. They marched from the Monument to the Fatherland to the end of Paseo de Montejo, culminating with a vegan tasting to raise awareness among the people of Merida about the issues related to pig and poultry farms, not only in the state but worldwide.

Jaqueline Montiel Castillo, an animal welfare activist, stated that the Animal Hero and Conexión Animal associations joined forces to organize the march as a funeral ceremony in memory of all the fallen animals. This was a protest not only against animal cruelty but also to express their opposition to mega farms.

The commemoration of International Animal Rights Day concluded with a vegan tasting event at the end of Paseo de Montejo. They emphasized that they aim to show people that it is possible to eat delicious food without killing animals.

TYT Newsroom