1,500 school teachers in Valladolid were scammed! Cyber hackers stole their identities

Photo: Por Esto

A group of teachers with work centers in the eastern part of the state alerted their colleagues of apocryphal emails in which they are asked for personal data on pain of being blocked by the State Secretary of Education. It is presumed that there are already 1,500 affected.

“This situation violates and puts at risk the data of the teachers’ union,” said Professor Jesús González Cupul.

He explained that since yesterday, several teachers have been receiving a fraudulent e-mail, which emphasizes that the user runs the risk of being blocked in the payroll system of the Secretary of Education due to inactivity, which is why they are asked to access a certain address to rectify the situation.

It was reported that by accessing the situation created to supposedly solve the problem, what the user is actually doing is providing the hackers with all his account information and passwords, leaving not only his personal data vulnerable, but also his banking and tax information, which may be subject to illegal and improper uses, by making possible an identity theft.

It was indicated that at the moment, at least 1,500 people are known to be affected, so the payroll area of the agency even called the users not to open the mail in case they receive it and to report it to their colleagues.

It is worth mentioning that recently the web pages of the Secretary of Education of the Government of the State of Yucatan were victims of a cyber attack, without it appearing that the authorities of the agency have done anything about it in order to solve the condition of computer vulnerability.

In the end, it was reiterated that for certain teacher procedures, the page to be accessed is posad.segey.gob.mx, and therefore any other type of communication received is totally and absolutely false.

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