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10 tourists suffered heatstroke in Chichen Itza during the Summer Solstice

by Sofia Navarro
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At least 10 people have already suffered the consequences of engaging in outdoor activities during these days of intense heat in the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza, to the extent that they have required medical attention to prevent fatal outcomes.

Information gathered from the archaeological site reveals that both national and foreign tourists are the ones suffering from the intense heat, with a heat index reaching close to 50 degrees Celsius, which is recorded during peak hours within the archaeological ruins.

Paramedics who are “on duty” in the pre-Columbian city have noted that although cases of dehydration and heatstroke have been observed, they have not escalated, as they are promptly attended to. They are provided with fluids and directed to shaded and cool areas for recovery.

Rescuers recommend that visitors to the area use sunscreen at least every two hours, wear caps, sleeves, or hats to prevent direct exposure of ultraviolet rays to the skin, stay hydrated with water at all times, and wear light-colored and lightweight clothing to endure the tour not only in Chichen Itza but in any other archaeological site in the state.

They emphasized that these preventive measures are even more important for children and the elderly, especially for national or foreign visitors, as Yucatecans are accustomed to the heat experienced in the region. On the other hand, visitors find it more difficult to adapt to the climate of this unusual heatwave season.

According to the authorities of the Mayan city, between five thousand and six thousand people visit it daily.

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