The Yucatan Entrepreneur Institute (IYEM) took close to 2 thousand pieces of handicrafts and only 50 percent of them were returned.

They sold the piece par excellence, the guayabera; hammocks, products made from henequen, bags, jewelry boxes, habanero chili sauce and products derived from honey, informed the head of this state agency, Antonio González Blanco. P

He specified that it has been the best event we have had since the beginning of the administration in this sense. In the case of Iyem, approximately 2 thousand handicrafts were brought from 21 municipalities of the entity and 96 handicraft workshops participated.

The state official said that last month they were able to be at Expo Comer, which is a very large Latin American event held in Panama. Yucatan brought products such as habanero chili, concentrates, among others, but specifically one businessman closed a sale of 9 thousand dollars.

TYT Newsroom