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Yucatán sends reforms to correct the course of its chaotic urban growth

by Sofia Navarro
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With the aim of addressing issues related to uncontrolled urban development in the city of Mérida, the government of Yucatán sent a package of reform initiatives to the State Congress last Sunday.

Rafael Hernández Kotasek, the head of the Yucatán Institute of Mobility and Urban Territorial Development (IMDUT), stated that among the “many” proposals sent to the local Legislature are the Condominium Law, Real Estate Development Law, and Human Settlements Law.

The official commented that the effects of uncontrolled urban development can be seen in the reduction of population density in the historic center of the Yucatecan capital and surrounding neighborhoods such as García Ginerés, Miguel Alemán, and Itzimná, while residential subdivisions like Ciudad Caucel, Las Américas, Los Héroes, and Conkal are filling up.

“Part of the initiatives submitted to the Congress in the field of urban development this Sunday are all in this direction, to see how urban development can promote that all these effects do not occur,” he added.

Hernández Kotasek explained that due to the lack of a legal framework governing city planning, Mérida currently appears as a collection of mini-cities surrounding the outskirts, with an abundance of residential complexes that disrupt the continuity of roadways.

The head of IMDUT mentioned that the initiative has been received by the Office of the State Congress and will soon be presented in the Plenary Session to be referred to committees. It will then need to be analyzed, discussed, and, if necessary, approved by the Yucatán deputies.

He revealed that several departments would be involved in these series of reforms, as the goal is to provide the city with a framework that designs greener and more inclusive spaces in response to its growth.

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