Yucatan returns to the trampoline podium

Trampoline gymnastics contributed gold, silver and bronze to the Yucatecan harvest at the National Conade Games, while in the Chiapas Macroregional Athletics Championship there were also several medals.

In the Aguascalientes venue, Yucatán continued to do well in trampoline gymnastics, winning the gold medal in the individual event in the 15-16 age group with David Elías Carballo Castillo, and took the silver in synchronized 13-14, with twins Roberto Adolfo and Santiago Eduardo Ayala Gutiérrez.

The bronze was won by Elías Carballo and Francisco Avitia Méndez in the 15-16 men’s team event.

In field field hockey, played at the Polideportivo Revolución in Guadalajara, Yucatán was unlucky and lost 5-0 to Baja California, leaving them out of the semifinals in the U-15 men’s team.

Athletics in Chiapas

In the athletics macro-regional, José Manuel López Soto won gold in the U-23 discus throw with 50.13 meters. Alessandra Flores took first place in the U-23 hammer throw, with 47.91 m, leaving second place to Adriana Pech, also from Yucatan.

In the U-16 high jump, with 1.46 meters, Camila Montejo López took first place for Yucatán.

In 200 m flat, Emiliano Vega was third in the U-23 category.

In the U-23 women’s discus throw, Yucatan took 2-3 with Ariadna Romero and Aisha Galera.

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