Yucatán Congress ‘Pauses’ Loan to Finance the Expansion of the Progreso High Port

The members of the Budget, State and Municipal Heritage Commission, chaired by Deputy Jesús Pérez Ballote, unanimously approved the draft decree to authorize financing for the fiscal years 2023 and 2024, up to a total of 3,063 million pesos, for the implementation of the productive public investment project “Expansion of the Progreso High Port and Complementary Works” and the establishment of a committee whose objective is to monitor the exercise, application, development of the project, and use of the resources authorized in the aforementioned decree.

Prior to the vote, Morena congresswoman Alejandra Novelo Segura made it clear that this is not about signing a blank check, as the Morena Parliamentary Group will be overseeing the allocation of every peso requested in this initiative.

During the discussion, PAN congresswoman Carmen González Martín proposed the formation of a committee to monitor the exercise, application, development of the project, and use of the authorized resources. This body will be composed of the Consultative Council on Budget and Public Expenditure of Yucatán, civil society organizations, the Yucatán Public Accountants Association, the Center for Research and Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS), and a higher education institution in the State.

At the meetings convened by this committee, at least three deputies will attend as agreed by the Board of Government and Political Coordination and approved by the Plenary of the State Congress. The proposal by the legislator for District 13 was unanimously approved.

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