Woman suffers a heart attack inside a cab in Campeche

Photo: Por Esto

State agents as well as medical personnel from the Health Sector assisted a woman inside a cab after she became unconscious during the trip in the vicinity of the Campeche market, whose driver reported that she had a heart attack.

The incident occurred in the afternoon, when the victim, a woman of approximately 39 years old, requested the cab service of the Nissan March with license plates A-279-BEC and number 975 of the cooperative “Radar” where she asked to be taken to Colonia Aviación.

During the trip the woman told the “ruletero” that she was feeling sick, but when she was between Circuito Baluartes and Gobernadores at the San Pedro traffic circle, the victim began to complain of severe chest pains until she fell unconscious.

When the cab driver saw her, he reported the situation to the emergency number but indicated that she had a heart attack, so the presence of paramedics was required for her medical attention.

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