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What secrets do the Tizimín catacombs hide?

by Magali Alvarez
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With more than 100 years of history, the famous catacombs of Tizimín, in eastern Yucatán, are unique, as there are no others like them in the entire state, which makes them even more mysterious and a must-see for those who come to the Land of Kings.

La Escondida’ and ‘Los Tres Reyes’, are the two catacombs that were discovered decades ago, at the beginning of the century, by the father of two Gaspar Rosado, current owner of this place that is five meters deep and whose corridors are carved by hand.

Secrets in the catacombs

The catacombs “La Escondida”, which were built in 1954. Inside there are more than 20 statues, which were also carved by hand, hidden in the shadows of the corridors.

Among the characters that can be found are biblical characters, mythological beings, Mexican heroes and icons of popular culture.

“He just made them and was forming them, while he worked and took material from here and on the walls he took the statues, he used rustic tools, machete, axe, pickaxe, shovel, were what he used to mold the statues,” says Don Gaspar.

Zapata, dragons and even the Three Kings, the patron saints of this municipality in eastern Yucatán, have accompanied the history of its corridors for more than 90 years. They are located on Calle 59 number 416 A in the center of the municipality.

Family pride in La Escondida

Thus, Don Gaspar is happy to see that visitors appreciate the work that his father did with his own hands, in this space that has become a special place for him, and for all his family.

“The truth I found them very impressive, because I had been to other places, to other caves, and well normally there are only the stalactites, or stalagmites, I had never been to a cave of this type, where there were so many figures and more that are carved by the same person, as well as carved by hand.”

Strange presences Los Tres Reyes Catacombs

Mildred Arias, who is in charge of showing these underground wonders, assures that tourists from all over the world come to visit them. She has received more than 50 thousand visitors over the years.

The work was started by his great-great-grandfather, Hilario Chimal, and the caves began to be built in the 1930’s, before the beginning of World War II.

He explained that strange events occur inside the catacombs, as many people claim to have seen a white silhouette wandering through the corridors; there are even those who claim that aluxes live there.

These constructions in the bowels of the earth are open to the public and can be visited at 414-A on Calle 59, between 52 and 54 in downtown Tizimín.

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