Va y Ven users in Mérida complain about air conditioning being turned off

Just one day after a Va y Ven bus had an accident in the north of Mérida, users are complaining about the service after the air conditioning was turned off.

According to posts circulating on social media, several public transport users have complained that drivers on various routes have started turning off the air conditioning, which, given the heat, feels like being in a sauna.

In one of the posts, the complainants mentioned that this practice has been observed on two occasions. They even pointed out that on one occasion, the driver waited until the passengers asked him to turn on the air conditioning again.

In the second case, the users chose to open the windows and travel with them open throughout the journey, as it was presumed that the cooling system was not functioning properly.

Amid the controversy caused by the images of public transport with open windows, many social media users expressed their astonishment, asking, “How is this situation possible?” For example, Fabi Coyoc stated that she only travels on Va y Ven buses because of the air conditioning.

Among the comments and reactions sparked by the post, users argue that it is not fair since they pay 12 pesos precisely to enjoy the comfort of the air-conditioned units.

Although this information has not been denied by the Institute of Mobility and Territorial Urban Development (IMDUT), some users indicated that it is presumed to have been a temporary malfunction.

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