The second edition of Yucatan I6 will be held in September

Photo: Yucatán Ahora

Guests from NASA, international speakers, documentary filmmakers and digital creators, specialists in new technologies and scientists in the fields of robotics, cyber security and experts in artificial intelligence have been invited to the second edition of the Yucatan I6 event, organized by the Secretariat of Research, Innovation and Higher Education (SIIES) in September.

Pablo Álvarez-Tostado Fernández, director of Desarrollos Innovación Tecnológica at SIIES, explained that on this occasion the event will last three days and activities are being organized for the speakers to come and give conferences in Peto, Valladolid, Tekax, Izamal, Motul and other municipalities.

He explained that the experience of Yucatan I6 last year established new paradigms in the activities aimed at young students of engineering careers, the Internet world, programmers and cyber security specialists, so the conditions have been expanded so that more young people can participate and be included in the activities that will be free of charge.

He explained that for this second great event, 10 projects will be selected to compete in the robot combat. He said that 77 projects have registered so far, 8 times more than those registered last year in the first edition, he added.

Pablo Álvarez-Tostado said that the expectation for this year has grown among the students and more activities and meetings with the participating professors and researchers are expected. We are assessing the conditions to make the meetings more attractive and for students to enjoy even more the lectures and information brought by the guest speakers.

This day, Governor Mauricio Vila launched the Internet of Everything Laboratory, in addition to the new robotics and mobile robotics laboratory and the STEM Certification Center at the Metropolitan Technological University (UTM), which will increase academic offerings for students and certification of personnel and professional skills in these new technologies.

Mr. Alvarez-Tostado pointed out that these new laboratories are the result of the interest of young people in these professional careers that are the future for new dynamics and development projects. He mentioned that it is very feasible that next September it will be possible to reach the number of one thousand female students in engineering careers, an important need for these new expectations of the state.

He added that, as part of these new educational needs, also starting in September two new technical careers will be opened in Yucatan, the first one will be in Merida and will be the Higher Technician in Aeronautics and Professional Technician in Railroad Machinery and Equipment, which will be applied in Tekax.

The objective is to increase the supply of human capital for these two professions that will be needed in aeronautics and railroads, based on the international and federal projects that are being developed in our state and that will serve to maintain the companies that are locating companies in the peninsular zone, he added.

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