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Teenage physicist from Yucatán to represent Mexico in Germany

by Sofia Navarro
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Álvaro José Bante de la Fuente, a sixth-semester student at Preparatoria Uno of the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY), is preparing for his trip to Germany, where he will participate in the 2023 International Physics Olympiad after securing one of the five available spots.

How do you feel about receiving this opportunity?

I am excited and nervous, but at the same time, I feel deserving of this opportunity because I participated in the National Physics Olympiad where we had 30 winners, including first, second, and third places.

Was that your ticket?

Practically, thanks to those results, I was contacted to participate in an elimination round to select those who will represent Mexico in the international phase. Out of the 30 participants, only five can go, and I made it within those spots.

How did you get involved in this competition?

A little over a year ago, I decided to participate in the State Olympiad, where I managed to achieve top positions, and from there, a long journey began that I never imagined experiencing so quickly. I am very satisfied to participate in one of the most important physics competitions at the high school level.

What will be the dynamics of the competition?

This International Olympiad will take place in Germany from June 16 to 20 and consists of two exams. The first one is theoretical, covering topics such as electromagnetism, mechanics, thermodynamics, among others, while the second one is an experimental test with theoretical formulas.

Are you achieving your goals?

I feel proud of everything I have achieved in one of my favorite fields. I started with the state-level competition without thinking about how far I could go, so I could say that I have exceeded my own expectations because, in addition to this competition, I will be traveling to Japan for another international event in July of this year.

What would you say to the rest of the students at Prepa 1?

I would encourage all my fellow students at Prepa 1 and other preparatory schools at UADY to participate in these types of Olympiads. They should believe in their dreams and abilities because that’s the only way to discover what they can truly achieve.

Can anyone participate?

These Olympiads are not only for geniuses; anyone can participate, especially if they have an interest in a specific subject or topic. All students should take these competitions more seriously. If they are good at something, they should not hesitate, sign up, and seek help to win.

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