Students from the Oxkutzcab Multiple Attention Center visit the Inclusive Beach at the Progreso Boardwalk

With the aim of continuing to promote inclusive actions, the Progreso City Council, led by Julián Zacarías Curi, through the municipal DIF, invited students from the Multiple Attention Center (CAM) of Oxkutzcab to have a pleasant time at the inclusive beach located on the Traditional Boardwalk.

Julián Zacarías welcomed all the children, teachers, and attending parents and mentioned that he is delighted that they are enjoying the sea and will take fond memories of Progreso with them. The school’s director, Reyna Georgina López Wong, expressed her gratitude to the mayor for the opportunity to make this visit and mentioned that she is very excited that the CAM students can take advantage of the facilities at this beach. She also noted that she has noticed many changes in the port, which she had not visited for several years.

It should be noted that in December 2019, the Progreso City Council laid the foundation for inclusion by installing special infrastructure to establish the first inclusive beach in the state. This beach has a pedestrian walkway, signage, and tactile signaling for people with low vision, as well as two palapas and a hardwood ramp, among other adaptations. It is also equipped with five amphibious chairs, one of which was acquired by the Progreso City Council to provide walks on the sand, while the other four were donated by the State Government.

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