Strange discovery in Progreso: empty sailboat found adrift

A strange discovery was made in Progreso when an unmanned sailboat was found adrift at sea.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning, 170 miles north of the port of Progreso.

The crew of the fishing vessel ‘Frescolín’ made the discovery and reported it via radio to the Port Captaincy.

According to the information obtained, the captain of the aforementioned vessel notified the Evita Base Station, directed by Anilú Cetina, who in turn informed the port captaincy of Yucalpetén.

The finding was also reported to the command of the XIII Naval Zone.

Finally, the authorities took charge of the boat, which was towed by a fishing vessel to Yucalpetén.

The strange thing about this discovery is that no crew was found on board, and the boat itself does not have a name or registration number.

As of the time of this report, it has not been disclosed whether the owner of the boat has claimed ownership.

TYT Newsroom