Search operation in Mérida for Andrea, abducted in Chiapas

Three weeks ago, Sandra Jiménez Martínez embarked on a journey of over 750 kilometers to reach Mérida. She left her job, family, and support network in Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas, with the sole and essential objective of reclaiming her young daughter, Andrea.

In an interview with La Verdad Noticias, the young mother recounted the ordeal she is experiencing as a victim of vicarious violence by her ex-partner, A.E.Q.N. In addition to causing her physical, emotional, and financial harm, he took away the most precious thing she has to another city.

After eight years of enduring various forms of violence, Sandra decided to separate from Andrea’s father six months ago. From that moment, she began a legal process in the Family Courts of Chiapas to obtain custody of the child, which she was granted on May 3rd.

Following the judge’s ruling, her abuser began to threaten her, saying he would take their daughter away so that she would never see her again. Thus, on April 24th, the man arrived at the Camino a Casa Elementary School in Comitán and abducted Andrea under the pretext of a medical appointment.

Since that moment, Sandra has been living in anguish. She went to the Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), where she was surprised to learn that the authorities were already aware of the disappearance and were waiting to address the case.

Sandra wanted to file a complaint for child abduction, but the officers told her that if she proceeded in that manner, her daughter would be placed in a DIF shelter for the duration of the process. Instead, they persuaded her to report domestic violence.

Amber Alert 31/2023 was also issued, which has been circulating since the last time she saw her daughter.

Days later, after receiving legal advice, Sandra returned to the Chiapas Attorney General’s Office and filed a report against A.E.Q.N. for the crime of child abduction. The case was opened on May 12th.

During this time, Sandra managed to contact Andrea’s father, who confirmed that they are in Mérida, staying at his parents’ house, and admitted that it was his fault that he fled with the child.

Almost immediately, Andrea’s mother left everything in Chiapas and traveled to Yucatán to confront them at the address located in the Vergel 65 neighborhood and demand the return of her daughter. However, the doors were never opened for her.

Therefore, she also went to the Yucatán State Attorney General’s Office, where she filed another report against her ex-partner for the same offense since May 15th.

“Every day, I feel my strength dwindling, my resources running out, but I will keep searching for you, my daughter, because I know I will find you,” she expressed.

During her days in Mérida, Sandra has taken to the streets of the city, distributing flyers with the issued Amber Alert to help find her daughter, especially in the eastern area where she suspects she might be hidden.

She has also sought assistance and legal advice from other institutions such as DIF and Prodennay to reunite with Andrea as soon as possible.

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