‘Save the Children’ and LEGO carry out educational projects at indigenous communities in Yucatan

Photo: Noticaribe

MÉRIDA, MX.- Save the Children and the LEGO Foundation began training in Yucatán to promote learning through play and tender parenting in preschool schools, as well as those belonging to Indigenous Education.

Preschool and indigenous education teachers began this training through the program ‘1, 2, 3 for Learning!’ and Save The Children’s Southeast regional coordinator, Inti Torres, explained that they started this alliance in June 2022 to provide educational agents with tools.

So far, 200 teachers have received this training and have been in charge of putting learning into practice in the classroom.

“We believe it is very important to promote play as an integral methodology, a transversal methodology in education; in this case, at the initial and preschool levels, but we believe that its importance should be transversal to all educational levels,” she said.

For Inti, play is an opportunity for children to communicate, coexist and be aware of their environment in a healthy way.

In a press conference, she explained that they are now looking for 500 more people who can be trained and with this amount, they hope to cover a large number of schools of Indigenous Education, as well as preschool.

“The idea is to generate a construction space in which teachers feel safe,” she added.

The tools are acquired through diverse dynamics that can also include songs and playful activities.

For Inti, she hopes that everything that is acquired in these trainings will not only remain in the classroom but will be experiences that can even be used in their daily lives so that inside and outside the educational spaces there is respect for infancy and childhood.

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