Rainfall causes the collapse of a house in Tekax, Yucatán

Moments of tension were experienced in a community in Yucatán after an old house collapsed due to heavy rains.

The incident occurred on Sunday, May 14th, when a heavy rain fell in the municipality of Tekax.

The collapse took place in the Yochenkax neighborhood, around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday when a masonry house located on 49th Street between 32nd Street in the mentioned neighborhood collapsed.

According to the police report, the collapse was due to the heavy rains that caused debris to fall, blocking part of the street and bringing down a Telmex utility pole, leaving several loose cables.

In response to this situation, emergency services were called for assistance. Municipal Police officers from Tekax arrived at the scene and placed traffic cones on the street to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from passing, due to the potential risk of further falling debris.

Fortunately, no one was walking in the area, which surprises locals as if it had occurred in the presence of a pedestrian, they probably wouldn’t have survived.

It should be noted that the residents of the area are requesting that the authorities inspect these properties, as there are several in similar conditions.

The Municipal Police personnel must get in contact with the owner who is responsible for the collapse of the house.

TYT Newsroom

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