Pyramids of the Izamal archaeological site are maintained and cleaned up

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Yucatan began cleaning three of the pyramids in the Izamal Archaeological Zone. The delegate of the INAH Yucatan Center, Jose Arturo Chab Cardenas, highlighted the importance of this work and informed that it is one of the most visited sites in the state.

He pointed out that the weeding and trash removal work is being carried out with resources from the Archaeological Zones Improvement Program (PROMEZA) in charge of INAH Yucatán.

Pyramid of Chaltun Ha in Izamal (Photo: WordPress)

He commented that these actions are intended to solve the problem of lack of cleaning due to the limited resources of the Izamal City Hall, which no longer continues to clean the pyramids of the town.

Among the pyramids being cleaned will be the Kinich Kakmó, Kabul and El Conejo, said the federal official.
He remarked that these actions are being carried out in the archaeological monuments in order to increase the number of visitors to Izamal.

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