Protesters disrupt Mara Lezama’s event in Cozumel

“No to the fourth pier, no to the fourth pier,” “Hypocrites.” These were some of the words that a group of local citizens and foreign residents shouted and demanded from Governor Mara Lezama during her speech at a solemn event of the XVII Legislature in Cozumel.

The protesters, including minors, positioned themselves at the back of the stage, where they expressed concern about the impact on marine life and living reefs in the area where the pier is planned to be built.

“We are within our rights, that’s why our protest is appropriate in this place. Those projects are not of vital importance for the future.”

Meanwhile, in her speech, the governor said: “Growth, yes, but with sustainability and responsibility.”

In addition, nautical tourism service providers protested during the solemn session of the XVII Legislature for the awarding of the “Ramón Bravo Prieto” Medal of Ecological Protection Merit, demanding that they be allowed to work and not be removed from their space in the Marina Caleta.

“This is how we make a living, and they won’t move us from what belongs to us. They haven’t listened to us as the main affected parties in this longstanding problem.” Felipe Romo, a tourism service provider, stated.

Moments later, they were approached by Cristina Torres, Secretary of Government, who promised to approach them to thoroughly understand the situation and prevent further conflicts.

The leader of the nautical service providers, Fernan Salazar, said that “we are persecuted, labeled as invaders, pirates, and criminals. We are Cozumeleños, we were born here, we work here, and we will die here.”

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