Residents of the town of Santa María Chi, a sub-district of the municipality of Mérida, are protesting against a pig farm called “Parcera San Gerardo” for polluting the environment with burning in an area of “manure.” They have gathered in front of the farm’s gates, accusing it of polluting the air.

They claim that the fire and strong odors have been present for over a week, but the owners of the farm have refused to stop the burning. The protest began over the weekend and continued until Monday. The excrement from the animals and the fires within the property are affecting people’s health.

The sub-district commissioner, Wilbert Nahual Puc, explained that the farm in question is one of many that works for Kekén. Despite requesting intervention from the Yucatán Ministry of Health and the Mérida City Council, they have not received any response.

The protesters argue that the concern is not only about the odor but also about the harm it causes to newborns and elderly individuals with respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, and pharyngitis.

It is known that these burnings have also affected other districts such as Cholul and Sitpach. On Saturday, a new fire prompted the residents of the district to demand an end to the burnings.

After hours of smoke, the farm staff initially refused to allow firefighters to mitigate the smoke.

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