In order to preserve the germplasm of native maize varieties in Yucatán and facilitate seed exchange among corn farmers, the “Encounter of Milpa Seeds 2023 U neek´il Ko´ol” was held in the community of Xoy in the municipality of Peto.

During the event, the technical coordinator of the Maya Milpa project at the Center for Scientific Research of Yucatán (CICY), M.C. Miguel Ángel Fernández Barrera, explained the importance of these actions, as native maize germplasm is being lost and the number of people engaged in milpa farming is decreasing. “Younger generations are migrating to the United States or moving to cities to pursue other activities,” he added.

The municipal president of Peto, Renán Jiménez Tah, stated that this fair is an opportunity for the residents to work together with scientists to preserve their seeds and maize varieties.

The “Encounter of Milpa Seeds 2023 U neek´il Ko´ol” included an exhibition for the sale and exchange of seeds, as well as the sale of crafts and products related to traditional milpa farming.

Furthermore, science appropriation activities were carried out with the local community and visitors, including talks on the “Maya Milpa Project” and the “Strategy for Farmers’ Organization.”

There was also an exhibition of scientific dissemination posters related to the milpa project, cultural activities coordinated by the House of Culture in Peto, and a Mayan ceremony to invoke a successful harvest in the milpa during the 2023 season.

The event was organized by the Technological Institute of Conkal through the linked projects: “Conservation, Sustainable Use, Increased Productive Capacity, and Revaluation of the Maya Milpa in Yucatán” (Conahcyt) and the “Strategic Project for Territorial Development in Indigenous Communities Preserving Native Maize in Mexico,” Yucatán component.

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