Progreso Municipality makes coordinated efforts to prevent addiction among young people

As part of the report on the results of the first phase of Juventudes Yucatán, Planet Youth, implemented by the State Government, the results of the diagnostic survey “Youth and Well-being” were presented. The survey was conducted in 9 public and private schools in Progreso with the purpose of determining the percentages of alcohol and substance consumption among teenagers.

The statistical research conducted in this port involved 882 third-year secondary school students, aged between 14 and 15, and is part of a study coordinated by the Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation (Cepredey), which includes 14 municipalities in the state.

Through this program inspired by an Icelandic model, the Progreso Municipality, led by Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, is working in coordination with state authorities, teachers, school directors, and parents, both to detect and combat addictions, as well as to address harmful behaviors that arise among teenagers from an early stage.

To achieve this goal, municipal departments are collaborating with organizations such as Cepredey, the State Population Council (COESPO), and the State Human Rights Commission of Yucatán (CODHEY), among others, to prevent alcohol consumption and the abuse of harmful substances among children and adolescents.

Additionally, workshops are being prepared to provide municipal public servants, school personnel, and businesses with the necessary information to identify young people with addictions and know how to handle the situation correctly.

Furthermore, an essential aspect in this matter is to offer young people alternative occupations and entertainment. In this regard, the Progreso Municipality is implementing a strategy to rehabilitate sports facilities, parks, and streets, providing them with various options for exercise, cultural activities, and recreation. This helps keep them occupied and away from vices.

With this perspective of integral development, the municipal authorities continue to work to promote the well-being of families and the entire population.

TYT Newsroom