Opossums are very important animals for the habitat of Mérida, and during the breeding and gestation season, we recommend what to do if you encounter one.

Due to the city becoming a hostile habitat for these creatures, the survival of the small offspring is a concern. Therefore, we will now tell you what to do if you see them outside your backyard.

It is worth mentioning that the maintenance of the species is important due to pest control, hence the significant impact it has on the ecosystem and its conservation.

The young offspring, being small and defenseless, can become victims of owls, snakes, and even to some extent, domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and sadly, even human hands.

Regarding the conservation of the species, there are groups that have emerged to preserve them, such as ‘Friends of Opossum Rescue,’ who showcase each stage of the animal, from when they are young until adulthood.

To ensure the survival of baby opossums, it is necessary to be aware of their care, as they require feeding every three hours due to their premature state. Therefore, it is recommended that the population remain attentive to sightings of these animals.

In case of preventing the imminent death of the species, which acts as a pest controller, as it is one of the main predators of the pic insect, which spreads Chagas disease, you can also seek assistance from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) or visit the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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