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National Guard conducts raids in Chichén Itzá due to drug trafficking cases

by Sofia Navarro
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The National Guard (GN) is carrying out patrols and raids in the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá to curb drug trafficking, warned Director Antonio Santos Ramírez, following the cases of two tourist guides distributing narcotics within the area of historical monuments.

Although the official stated that the alleged culprits were not hired by the administration of the Mayan ruins, necessary measures have been taken to prevent any kind of illegal activity at the archaeological site.

“It is important to note that the tourist guides are not hired by us, meaning they are not part of the site, and it is also important to emphasize that not all of them engage in such activities. Some guides do their job without getting involved in any trouble. Unfortunately, this is related to an increasingly growing demand, but we do not agree with it. Not only do we not participate, but we also take measures to prevent it from happening within Chichén Itzá,” reiterated Santos.

He mentioned that the measures include patrols by the National Guard throughout the area and the inspection of backpacks, as well as conducting raids before entering the site. “The presence of the National Guard is crucial, and they will be monitoring everything that happens in the area. We are also conducting inspections of any items, such as bags, backpacks, and others, that people want to bring into the site to prevent these activities. It is our responsibility as the administrative authority,” he explained.

Santos stated that if any illicit activity is detected, the individuals involved will be referred directly to the appropriate authorities. While they are not authorized to make arrests, they can hand over anyone who commits a crime to the authorities.

“At this moment, as the National Guard is providing us with support for security-related matters, we pass the responsibility on to them. We have not encountered any problems with the artisans,” he said.

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