More than one thousand Umán residents will travel every day on the IE-TRAM

With the arrival of the first bus of the IE-TRAM, which will provide services to the Poxilá station of the Tren Maya in the municipality of Umán, the road infrastructure works of this electric transportation from the aforementioned site to Umán-Merida (Parque La Plancha) are being announced.

Umán Mayor, Gaspar Ventura Cisneros Polanco, explained that the implementation of this public transportation system will not only alleviate mobility issues but also provide an opportunity for tourists arriving at the Tren Maya station to visit the municipal center as a tourist site.

He assures that the implementation of this unique transportation system in all of Latin America and the first in the entire southeast region of the country will contribute to making Umán the leading municipality in development compared to neighboring localities.

He mentioned that this action is part of the plan to reorganize the historic center of Umán and improve the transportation service, as part of his commitment to the citizens to provide them with a fast, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation system.

TYT Newsroom