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Mexicolectivo is born in Yucatan: new vision of the country from the citizenry

by Magali Alvarez
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MÉRIDA, Yucatan, May 13, 2023 – Before hundreds of people representing diverse social sectors, the mexicolectivo platform was presented in this city, a space for citizen conversation that seeks to detonate collective thinking in order to jointly promote constructive ideas and solutions for a more just, inclusive, prosperous and peaceful society; towards a more democratic Mexico of equals.

Opening the event, held at the International Congress Center, the technical secretary of Mexicolectivo, Eva Müller Monzón, explained the purpose of the platform and the importance of encouraging more and more people to participate and express themselves.

Dr. José Narro Robles, former rector of UNAM, emphasized the need to have a vision of the country different from polarization, and to join voices and efforts for a better Mexico where there is room for all opinions and respect.

Journalist Katia D’Artigues Beauregard spoke of the need to address the real inclusion of people with disabilities.

Yamili Salazar Ku, general director of AC GIPS BACAB, co-founder of Ha ́kanules (guardians of water), and recipient of the National Award for Voluntary and Solidarity Action 2022, called for awareness of the human water footprint and the urgency of caring for water; Miguel Castillo Martínex, head of the Public Information Access Unit of the General Secretariat of Administrative Services of the Senate of the Republic, highlighted the relevance of protecting the right of access to information in Mexico, violated by the federal government.

Student Lizandro Jesús Bustos Estrella, a person with a disability, spoke of his experiences and desires to improve inclusion in Mexico; Juan José Martín Pacheco, president of the Mexican Association of Hotels in Yucatán AC referred to the urgency of resuming the federal government’s investment in tourism promotion in correspondence to the weight of the activity in national development.

Especially moving was the participation of Guadalupe de Jesús Chan Poot (Chan Lupita), Maya teacher, writer, and cultural promoter of Yucatecan traditions, and Roy Góngora Magaña (Yaalen Kuj), composer and performer of rap in the Maya language, activist and cultural promoter.

They emphasized the existence of discrimination against Mayan speakers, a situation that must be combated and educated in the culture of respect and tolerance. Yaalen Kuj rapped in Mayan and made the audience participate by chanting phrases that highlight the pride of Yucatecan Mayan identity.

Edgardo Flores, psychotherapist, and president of the Asociación Yucateca de Suicidología AC framed an integral vision of mental health, and María Fernanda Arceo, president of LGBT Rights Yucatán, in a personal and experiential style, called for respect for sexual diversity and the rights of youth.

The event was closed by Rodrigo Borrás, who explained the technical details of the platform and its instruments.

Rodrigo Borrás closed the event with an explanation of the technological details of the platform and its participation tools.

The presentation of Mexicolectivo was attended by more than 350 representatives of politics, academia, sports, research, activism, communication and youth.

Through www.mexicolectivo.com, a digital platform, we will deliberate and compile our problems, but also our solutions to solve them with freedom, plurality and respect. Collectively we can believe and create a diverse, inclusive and shared future based on consensus and not division. Leave space to the creativity of the people, to the citizen knowledge, to the social organizations or universities with listening, empathy and above all towards the advocacy for our Mexico.

Mexicolectivo will gather ideas in all regions, thanks to local actions of participation to enrich a new vision of the country. This authentic exercise of cohesion and social construction will be among equals, to share from the heart, experiences and knowledge in favor of Mexico based on evidence. Mexicolectivo is a new opportunity to join together for a better collective future.

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