Merida Mayor Renan Barrera promotes first-aid training

Offering better care and ensuring the safety of citizens in public spaces, markets, and parks in Merida and its districts is one of the commitments of the City Council led by Renan Barrera Concha. Therefore, training courses provided by the Mexican Red Cross continue to be conducted.

In this regard, the Municipal Police of Merida, Park Rangers, and workers from the Department of Municipal Public Services have been included in the training program starting this month of May. However, it is worth noting that these courses were initially intended for workers in the tourism and business sectors.

He added that these actions will help prevent accidents in parks, streets, and neighborhoods in downtown Merida, or enable quick response in case of any incidents in public spaces.

Barrera Concha emphasized that Park Rangers have become a reference for security and community service. Currently, the program includes 102 Park Rangers, providing permanent coverage for 52 parks and conducting patrols in 120 parks. The Parks of Las Americas and Alemán are among the most frequented.

Furthermore, Barrera Concha recalled that the inclusion of the mentioned groups was made possible thanks to the collaboration agreement between the City Council and the Mexican Red Cross, which was authorized by the council since August 2022.

Among the workshops and courses that have been conducted, the following stand out: Basic First Aid, Activation of the Emergency Medical System and Airway Obstruction Maneuver, Evacuation and Signaling, Search and Rescue, and Traffic Safety Prevention Workshop. The next workshop will take place on May 29th at the facilities of the Municipal Public Services in the western district.

TYT Newsroom